Who are the Flinthills Pagans?

We are all Flinthills Pagans

What does that mean?

It means only one thing:

We live in the Kansas Flinthills and
We are Pagan!

We are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, lovers, husbands, wives, nurses, doctors, teachers, students, bankers, lawyers, real estate agents, EMT’s, firefighters, police officers, military personnel.

We are Pagans. We are Druids, Heathens, Wiccans, Green Witches, Kitchen witches, Ceremonial Witches, Reconstructionists, British Traditionalist, Alexandrians, Gardnerians, Enochians, Hedge witches and more.

Manhattan Kansas has the unique opportunity of bringing lots of diverse people to a single area, enabling folks to meet and mingle. Students from Kansas State University, military personnel from Ft. Riley, citizens from Manhattan, Junction City, Clay Center, Alma, Marysville, Salina and many other places in the Flint Hills area and beyond.

Em started the yahoo group, Flinthills Pagans on September 11, 2002. She was looking for something positive on a day full of sorrow. She joined the Pagan meetup at http://pagan.meetup.com and wanted local pagans to be able have a place to chat and meet virtually in case someone didn't feel comfortable meeting in real life. From there, it grew and grew. It took over a year to truly take off, and briefly our group boasted at least 70 individuals and families. Then, due to life and changes, and meetup.com starting to charge MONEY (bastards), activities slowly died off and the group dwindled down to nearly no-one (Kel, do you count as a one man group? ;)
Now, late in 2009, thanks to Zak, new to the area and new to our group, we are seeing the Flinthills Group starting to grow and thrive again. Thanks, Zak, for encouraging my dream to have a second chance!

Kelvar was a Catholic who felt as though something was missing in his life. Through a series of unusual circumstances he met this wonderful witch and then her best friend. Eventually he became a part of fascinating online family of Pagans. Still he wanted more. He wanted personal interaction with those who shared similar paths. One day a member of his online Pagan family posted a link to International Pagan Meetups. He contemplated this course of action. Was he ready to meet fellow Pagans in a public setting? Several of them at once, even? He joined IPM and took a chance. IPM led him to the Flinthills Pagans where he began interacting with like-minded locals; first through a Yahoo group and then face to face during an IPM Day. From there he began making new friends and bonds that he now cherishes.
Note: Kel helped keep the group alive during "the lonely years" (as I have dubbed them). Thank you Kel for all you have done for our group!
*huggles* and much love,

After being solitary for many years, Soaring Hawk became involved with a new group on post, known then as the Ft. Riley Pagan Assoc... It was the first group recognized on post as a "Pagan Group" by chaplins and commanders alike (many commanders at least) Like everything with the military, the group became scattered throughout the US and was disbanned pretty much... A couple of the members who were part of this group still remain in the JC/Manhattan area (Nicci/Xavior and Soaring Hawk) while everyone else is either overseas or at other bases around the country now. After a year or so of not belonging to a group, Soaring Hawk decided to start JC_Pagans on yahoo groups as a way for those of the old FRPA and other soldiers and families in the area to have a point of contact with someone else who might share their beliefs/feelings. That particular yahoo group was started while Soaring Hawk was at work one night, bored, and invited a few of the old members to it. They joined, and have since, the numbers have grown 3 fold from the initial numbers!

More to Come!! :)