A Witches Altar

Most Witches have a personal altar where they do their magickal work, or give devotion to the Goddess and God. Altars will vary slightly from person to person, but here are a few basics you’ll find.

Altar Cloth: Used for decoration and/or to protect altar surface from candle drippings

Athame: Traditionally a double-edged, black-handled knife with a dulled blade. The knife is used for directing energy and is generally not used to actually cutting. Some Witches use their athame as their bolline as well, but again, it’s a personal choice. Its energy is masculine.

Besom: This is a broom used to cleansing sacred space. Usually it does not even touch the floor.

Bolline: Traditionally a white handled knife with a curved blade. This knife is used for actual cutting, such as in harvesting herbs. This is not for letting blood – Witches do not do any type of animal or human sacrifice.

Book of Shadows: A Witch’s personal book of rituals, spells, or other information they want to have at their fingertips

Cauldron: This is a symbol of the Goddess. Outdoors is may be used for fires or burning small offerings, such as a piece of paper on which is written a bad habit you wish to get rid of. Indoors, it may hold water or a candle, or be used for burning small items.

Chalice or Goblet: Used to hold wine or another beverage for ritual
God and Goddess images: Symbols of the Lord and Lady. Pictures, candles, or statues are often used.

Luminaries: These are candles used to light up the sacred space.

Mortar and Pestle: A small bowl with a grinding stone, most often used to mix herbs or other ingredients for spell work.

Quarter candles: Used to mark East, South, West, and North, or the elements Air, Fire, Water, and Earth.

Stones or Gems: Stones and gems have certain powers that are associated with them. These may be used in a spell, as in the earlier example with the rose quartz, or as a focus for meditation.<

Wand: Most often a piece of wood or a crystal used in much the same way as the athame, for directing energy. Its energy is feminine.

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