New House Blessing

by Graelan Wintertide ©

Moving into a new home can be a magickal and blessed event. In our family, we approach the endeavor in a ritual fashion. The new house is cleansed, blessed, and the energy of the home is raised and applied to achieve our intent - the creation of a safe, magickal, welcoming home. The first thing that we do before we move is to ask the energy that lays around us for the perfect home. We generally cast a Circle and ask the energy and the powers around us for specific things. Rent within a certain range. A specific number of bedrooms. A washer dryer hookup. None of these are silly things. A home should fit the needs you have and it's very appropriate to ask that your needs are met. When our search for a new home has been narrowed down to a couple of choices, I like to walk through the place and feel the energy. Is it a place where I feel comfortable and at ease? Does it feel right? Is it a place I could call, "home?" If all of these answers aren't met, then we simply keep looking. Before we actually begin moving in, I like to ritually cleanse the entire house - closets, cupboards, under the sink - by smudging them with white sage. White sage as an aromatic (smoke) is generally used for purification. By slowly passing a gently smoldering cluster of white sage over every surface in the home, while visualizing the smoke cleansing away the old energy and leaving the home clean. (I actually imagine the old energy as a grimy film and the smoke as an ethereal washcloth, wiping the surfaces clean.) I'm removing the old energy and making the space receptive to the energy we bring. Before the first box comes through the door, the members of our family gather in a circle, hold hands, and ask a blessing upon the house.
Usually, we speak aloud the feelings of home we hope to experience there, that we're safe and happy in our new place, and that any energy and spirits that may linger are blessed by our presence and the life we bring.