Travel Spell

This spell is to enhance the energy of travel, creating a positive outlook which will endure throughout your jouney.

You will need:
4 candles: red, green, yellow, blue.
4 herbs: sage, mugwort, blessed thistle, St Johns wort
A square of blue cloth
1 Tibetan sky lotus incense stick (a substitute will do anything that evokes exotica)
1 feather (representing freedom)
A map on which your travel path is outlined red thread

Cast this spell on a full moon or on a Monday-the day associated with travel preferably outdoors in a natural environment. Position your map in the centre of the circle, outlined with the four candles (representing the four points of the compass and the Four Elements: earth air fire water). Light the candles and the incense, and repeat this verse three times:

"Fire, air, water, earth;
Protect my soul for all it's worth.
Red, green, yellow, blue:
Please take my dreams and make them true."

Now place the map, herbs and feather in the blue piece of cloth, tie with the red thread and place in your luggage throughout your travels.