Ode to a Feeling

As I sat writing an incantation
To Hecate, Goddess of Halloween and Magick
I sat without feeling
The world around me
My quest unending
Searching forever
The right words to say
Staring constantly at my typewriter
Unmoving, Unconcerned
Suddenly a chill runs up my spine
My back is frozen
Though my front is sweating
I stop
I feel a brush of hair
A nudge of flesh not there
I cannot move
Do I fear that turning around would invoke trouble or ecstacy
I turn around and see nothing
I hear my typewriter clicking about
I turn to see the words
(I am pleased)
Written on my page
I can not stop shaking
As I feel the cold disapate from around me
I feel exhausted, But more attuned to my work
I shall now greet the Samhain season with more passion than ever.

Kangra © October 10, 1990