A Tribute to Frank

As I gaze upon Mother Nature's creations in all it's diversity.
From the Mountians to the Deserts to Artic and
Tropical to Plains and Forests.
I see how perfectly beautiful it all is.
Even the destructive forces on Nature are lovely.
From Hurricanes to the Tornadoes to Volcanoes and
Earthquakes to Avalanches and Landslides.
But everywhere I look upon Nature that man has put
it's mark upon mostly it is ugly.
But there are those few people whom get to know
Nature so well she lets them bring man's possible
beauty to hers.
This is a thanks to one of those, who brought his
imperfect human angles and blended them so perfectly
within Natures realm. Though he may not have
worshipped her outright she knew where his heart lay
and became his muse.
Thanks, Frank Lloyd Wright
Thanks for making me dream big and love Mom whenever I see your work.

Kangra © August 26, 2005